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CV Formatting

Our CV design administrations will affix your enlistment cycle as we can make CVs according to our client’s requests. A very much planned educational program vitae according to your organization’s explicit requirements with all the make-up to make it stylish to any employing element.

Data Management

Talent Harvest offers essential database management services that organize and streamline your existing databases for efficient outcomes. Our professional database management procedures encompass various strategies. We believe in building lifelong relationships with our clients; for us, this is more than just a job!

Lead Generation

If you’re looking to expand your business, lead generation can significantly broaden your business efficiency and operations. You’ll gain access to new leads that provide relevant contact details for reaching the appropriate individual for the specific job posted on the job board or the company’s website.

CV Sourcing

At Talent Harvest, we offer comprehensive CV sourcing and screening services tailored to your needs. Our team utilizes over 12 premium UK/USA job boards to identify the perfect candidate for you. We leverage search engines, online communities, and groups to broaden our search.

For each new task, we delve into our extensive in-house database. Our expertise in Boolean Strings allows us to deliver advanced database search results every few hours. This same proficiency is applied to construct custom search strings for our clients, catering to both their specific and general job requirements.

Pre Qualification Services

Our prequalification process enhances your recruitment of top talent and rejuvenates your company culture. We conduct initial interviews to verify candidate-job profile alignment. We then supply a shortlist of candidates ready for interview, with a succinct suitability report. We source talent across all levels, using thorough research to identify potential candidates within various companies. Our prequalification service specializes in delivering ideal candidates by directly evaluating their suitability, interest, and availability for the role.